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Intense Calming Serum 30ml
Intense Calming Serum 30ml
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Product Description

(Replacement for the Sensitive Skin Complex) Highly concentrated serum for very sensitive and irritated skin. Intense Calming Serum with Skin Defense Complex+, regenerates and strengthens the natural skin barrier, makes it more resilient against external irritation, and provides moisture. Anti-inflammatory active ingredients such as panthenol, allantoin, and α-bisabolol soothe irritated skin long-term, relieve redness, and leaves skin feeling relaxed.

• Light, additional care for very sensitive, stressed skin

• Regenerates and strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier

• Calms the skin and reduces redness

• Provides long-lasting moisture

• Makes the skin more resistant to external irritants


強效鎮靜精華是一款輕盈、滋養的精華,適用於非常敏感和受刺激的皮膚。它是增強滋養鎮靜面霜功效的理想選擇。 由黑加侖子油、球囊植物提取物和濃縮葵花籽油制成的加強版防敏復合物增強並再生皮膚的保護屏障功能。此外,高度濃縮的復合物可減輕炎症並增強皮膚對外部刺激物的抵抗力*。該復合物富含強化屏障的異硬脂異硬酸脂(ISIS)和抗炎成分泛醇、尿囊素和α-紅沒藥醇。透明質酸和異構糖可保濕肌膚,並為肌膚提供72小時保護功效。 強效鎮靜精華可有效舒緩受刺激的皮膚,使皮膚倍感放松。

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