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Intense Calming Cream 50ml
Intense Calming Cream 50ml
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Product Description

24h care for sensitive skin that is prone to redness. Calming 24-hour skincare regime protects and nourishes sensitive skin during the day and helps it regenerate overnight. The gentle formula with Skin Defense Complex+ strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier, whilst α-bisabolol and allantoin alleviate unpleasant tightness and itching, resulting in a noticeable improvement in skin condition. Saccharide isomerate and hyaluronic acid provide the skin with long-term moisture.

• Balanced 24-hour care

• Regenerates and strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier

• Calms the skin and reduces redness

• Makes the skin more resistant to external irritants

• Increases the skin’s moisture content

• Is also suitable as a massage cream

滋養鎮靜面霜是針對容易泛紅的敏感皮膚的24小時護理產品。其溫和的配方可在白天滋養和保護皮膚,並在夜間讓皮膚完成再生。理想情況下,您應該將滋養鎮靜面霜與強效鎮靜精華結合使用。 由黑加侖子油、球囊植物提取物和濃縮葵花籽油制成的加強版防敏復合物增強並再生皮膚的保護屏障功能。天然α-紅沒藥醇和尿囊素的活性成分組合,可顯著減輕皮膚炎症,皮膚狀況得到明顯改善。異構糖和透明質酸有保濕功效,可調節皮膚的水分含量。 滋養鎮靜面霜可長期緩解敏感或刺激性皮膚的症狀。不舒服和發癢的現象得到緩解,皮膚得到舒緩和平衡,讓擁有柔軟和放松的肌膚。

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