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Neuro Skin Balm Face & Body 100ml
Neuro Skin Balm Face & Body 100ml
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Product Description

Neuro Skin Balm is a special, low-irritant lotion for skin prone to neurodermatitis. This easily spreadable lotion contains active ingredients that regenerate the skin’s impaired barrier function, reduce inflammation, and leave the skin feeling pleasant. The plant extract from Japanese mondo grass was specially developed for neurodermatitis skin. In combination with the effective Skin Defense Complex+ and beneficial plant-based oils, the impaired barrier function of the skin is regenerated and stabilized over the long term. Skin inflammation is reduced so that the skin can recover. In the long term, the remission phase (symptom-free phase) of neurodermatitis is prolonged and well-being is increased*. In addition, hyaluronic acid and saccharide isomerate provide extra moisture to balance out dehydrated skin. The result? Unpleasant feelings of tightness and itching are alleviated. The skin is soothed and balanced

• Minimal irritants

• Regenerates and strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier

• Provides intensive care, soothes the skin and relieves itching

• Increases the skin’s moisture content

• Concomitant therapy for neurodermatitis

皮炎修護膏是一種特殊的低刺激性乳液,適用於容易患神經性皮炎的皮膚。這種易於塗抹的乳液含有高效成分,可再生皮膚受損的屏障功能,減少炎症,使皮膚倍感愉悅。 日本麥冬草提取物是專為神經性皮炎皮膚而研發。結合高效的加強版防敏復合物和有益的植物基油,可恢復長期受損的皮膚屏障並穩定其功能。減少皮膚炎症,使皮膚得以恢復健康。從長期來看,神經性皮炎的緩解期(無症狀期)延長,皮膚恢復健康*。此外,透明質酸和異構糖可提供額外的水分,以平衡脫水的皮膚。 皮膚不舒服和發癢的感覺得到緩解,皮膚得到舒緩和平衡。

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