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Comfort Eye Care 15ml
Comfort Eye Care 15ml
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Product Description

This fast-absorbing and easy-to-spread eye care product has been specially developed to meet the needs of the very sensitive, reddened eye area. It contains active ingredients that soothe the stress-prone skin around the eye and protect it from environmental influences. The combination of nourishing shea butter and ISIS in conjunction with the Skin Defense Complex+ strengthens the skin barrier and reduces transepidermal water loss. Saccharides isomerate and hyaluronic acid provide additional moisture and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Organically grown eyebright extract and the sensitive complex visibly reduce dark circles*.

• Nourishes the sensitive eye area

• Smooths wrinkles caused by dryness

• Reduces swelling and dark circles around the eyes

• Regenerates and strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier

• Makes the skin more resistant to external irritants


這款快速吸收、易於塗抹的眼部護理產品經過專門研發,可滿足非常敏感、泛紅眼部區域的需求。它含有高效活性成分,可舒緩眼睛周圍容易受壓的皮膚,並保護其免受環境影響。擁有滋養功效的乳木果油和異硬脂異硬酸脂(簡稱ISIS)與強化版防敏復合物的結合可增強皮膚屏障並減少表皮水分流失。異構糖和透明質酸可為肌膚提供額外的水分,減少細紋和皺紋。通過有機種植的明目草提取物和抗敏復合物可顯著減少黑眼圈*。 眼部區域看起來更清新、更光滑和更柔軟。眼部區域的緊繃感顯著降低。

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