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Stem Cell Fluid 25x2ml
Stem Cell Fluid 25x2ml
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Product Description

Serum for stimulating skin regeneration with the power of plant stem cells taken from Swiss apple variety “Uttwiler Spätlauber”. With an extract from apple stem cells plus long- and short-chain hyaluronic acid.

• Anti-aging fluid
• Supports the regeneration process
• Stimulates cell renewal in mature skin
• Increases the skin’s resilience
• Smoothes lines and creases

適合需要再生的肌膚 皮膚乾細胞具有自我更新和複製能力。當它們分裂時,會在幹細胞周圍創建新的皮膚細胞,這種分裂又遷移到角質層。這些幹細胞的存在對傷口的癒合等有著至關重要的作用,因為沒有幹細胞,就不會在皮膚上形成新的皮膚細胞。隨著年齡的增加,細胞的分裂減少,肌膚再生過程變得非常的緩慢。

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