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ICON Precious Self-Tanning Drops 30ml
ICON Precious Self-Tanning Drops 30ml
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Product Description

Multi Action Instant Face and Neck Tan Drops! Achieve an instant tan natural looking tan with no sun exposure and the added benefit of a collagen stimulating anti ageing action!
The perfect skin care solution for those who wish the face to look tanned without any of the damage from the elements while allowing one to enjoy the sun & the outdoors while preventing and repairing damage to the complexion.
Natural looking, easy to use apply to the skin directly or mix in with a daily face cream. Suitable for all skin colours.
ACTION: for a healthy, tanned, natural looking complexion in every season. Composed of ultra-concentrated drops that have a rapid, intense and long-lasting effect.
Gives an even complexion and do not leave stains on the skin or clothes.
Active Ingredients:
Golden Collagenine peptide complex based on colloidal gold to stimulate collagen and prevent its degradation. Prevents skin sagging and wrinkles.
A mixture of Chinese Medicine plant extracts to stimulate the production of \"anchoring collagens\" and protect from skin sagging and gravity.
DHA DiHydroxy - a sugar that binds to skin cells on the surface of the skin creating an amber golden sun tanned pigmentation.
Erythrulose - in combination with DHA creates a natural looking honey colouring without streaks.
Trealose - a resurrection sugar provides hydration and protection
Does not contain dyes or walnut husk.

HOW TO USE: On clean skin once a day ( ideally in the evening), with your usual daily amount of cream or serum mix in the hollow of your hand:
2 drops for a healthy, natural complexion
4 drops for a golden complexion
6 drops for a quick and intense “tanned skin” effect
Apply smoothly to face, neck and décolleté. Wash hands after use. To maximize the results and obtain an even complexion, it is suggested to exfoliate the skin before the first use and at least once a week.
Once the desired result is obtained, suspend application for 3-4 days and then resume. The complexion colour obtained will last for 3-4 days.

Made in Italy

• Dermocosmetic Science with High-performance, multi-active products with targeted corrective solutions
• Clean Cosmetics with sustainable formulations
• Proven Results -Efficacy tested
• Formulated in a state-of-the-art research and development laboratory in Italy.
• Each Instrumental and self-assessment tests are conducted by Italian Universities for clean cosmetics with measured performance.
• Dermatologically Tested: Safe for all skin

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