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MPR Gel Toroïdal RF 500ml
MPR Gel Toroïdal RF 500ml
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Product Description


The MPR Gel should be used with the MPR Toroïdal RF device for treatments on face and body. The exclusive formula of the MPR Gel increases the coupling efficiency of the device and maximizes the RF (radio frequency) transmission between the MPR electrodes and the skin. The MPR Gel is an excellent conductor for the RF waves allowing for their passage with little interference. It creates a refreshing layer on skin and protects the epidermis against overheating. It provides the electrodes with the necessary sliding capacity.


Stimulates, hydrates*, protects and preserves face and body epidermis.

Skin Types

All types of skin.


Apply the gel on the cleansed skin of face (about 15 ml) or body (about 30 ml per zone) by hand or spatula in a generous layer. Proceed to the manoeuvres with the MPT TOROIDAL RF electrodes. Once the treatment is over, rinse the gel using makeup removal pads or damp cloths. Follow the recommendations and tips related to the MPR TIROIDAL RF device. This product is adapted to the MPR TOROIDAL RF device.


During the electrodes treatment, make sure there is always a sufficient quantity of gel between the electrodes and the skin. If necessary, apply more gel during treatment.


Protect eyes with face treatment pads and avoid the product getting into eyes. Propose wearing disposable clothing for body treatments.

Product Appearence

Clear gel texture, fragrance free, colorant free, water-solubleNon irritant, hypoallergenic, bacteriostatic.


500 ml tube (provide for a pump)

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