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Good Night Lip Mask 15ml
Good Night Lip Mask 15ml
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Product Description

Smoothing overnight mask for full supple lips. Can also be used during the day as SOS care.

Smoothing overnight mask for full supple lips. Highly effective at repairing, the lip mask allows especially dry, brittle lips to breathe again: Overnight, it fuses with the skin and unfolds its intensive moisturizing and extremely valuable ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and Phyto extracts. Smoothing shea butter, protective herbal waxes, and cell-strengthening oils give the lips irresistible suppleness and sensual volume. A delicate melting texture – a tangible balm for the lips and soul. Goodnight Lip Mask is also the perfect daytime SOS treatment for stressed lips.

• Intensive care overnight
• Soothes dry and brittle lip skin
• Regenerates the moisture balance
• Gives silky softness
• Protective
• Also suitable for the lip contour
• Improves lip volume

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