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Gentle Cleansing Powder 100g
Gentle Cleansing Powder 100g
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Product Description

Water-soluble cleansing powder for combination skin. With skin-friendly tensides for clear, matte skin.

• Creamy foam which leaves the skin feeling clean and soft
• Effortlessly removes oily residues and make-up from the skin
• Retains the skin’s native moisture
• Promotes a clear and matte skin profile
• Pleasant fragrance

• 細膩的泡沫讓肌膚倍感潔淨柔軟

• 毫不費力地去除皮膚上的油性殘留物和化妝品

• 保持皮膚的天然水分

• 促進清晰和啞光的皮膚輪廓

• 宜人的香味

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