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Caviar Luxury Cream 50ml
Caviar Luxury Cream 50ml
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Product Description

Black gold for the skin: Rich anti-aging care with caviar extract. Experience luxury with the exceptional skin-smoothing and regenerating effects of this cream.

Black gold for the skin: The rich luxurious treatment gives the skin an extraordinary radiance. The anti-aging caviar extract gives it a smooth appearance. It gets more volume once again. Lines and wrinkles appear padded. Natural skin regeneration is strengthened and supported.

• Luxury care for skin in need of regeneration
• Activates and promotes natural regeneration
• Moisture providing
• Protects from free radicals
• Renews cell energy
• Delivers noticeably smoother and fresher skin
• A rich and smooth texture

富含魚子提取物的抗衰老護理。 體驗這款面霜卓越的平滑肌膚和再生效果帶來的奢華享受。

豐富奢華的護理賦予肌膚非凡的光彩。 抗衰老魚子提取物賦予它光滑的外觀。 它再次獲得更多音量。 細紋和皺紋出現填充。 皮膚的自然再生得到加強和支持。

• 為需要再生的肌膚提供奢華護理

• 激活並促進自然再生

• 提供水分

• 防止自由基

• 更新細胞能量

• 令肌膚明顯更光滑、更清新

• 豐富光滑的質地

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