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Anti-Wrinkle Protective Day Cream 50ml
Anti-Wrinkle Protective Day Cream 50ml
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Product Description

soothing and strengthening with ProSense peptide

Characteristics: With its soft texture, it provides a protective layer counteracting the action of external agents and solar radiations. With ProSense – an innovative neuro-peptide designed to protect skin from irritation and redness - and 51 +3 HYALU COMPLEX ™ - with an overall anti-aging action – it restores skin comfort, freshness and softness.

Preservative-free and without fragrance allergens. Nickel tested*.
* Even a residual presence of nickel content can cause allergic reactions or sensitization in particularly sensitive individuals. Each batch is analyzed to make sure that the nickel content is lower than 0.00001%.

How to use: apply every morning on décolleté, neck and face, avoiding the area around the eyes and massaging until completely absorbed.


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