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Deep Moist Depot 30ml
Deep Moist Depot 30ml
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Deep Moist Depot with thermal water from the springs of Baden-Baden is a patented dual-phase moisture concentrate with proven delayed-release effect for all skin types and ages. This uniquely formulated product is free of binding agents, providing the skin with active ingredients in their purest form. Mineral-rich algae extract and hyaluronic acid ensure quick moisturization. Vitamin E protects against free radicals and boosts the skin's ability to bind moisture for many hours. Almond oil conditions the skin to a soft and smooth texture. An organic silicon compound stabilizes facial contours with lasting effect.

The result: Fresh and youthful-looking skin.

To use: Shake before use. This allows the two phases to be combined in a single emulsion. Apply to cleansed skin.

Tip: Can be followed with a rich skin care product for extremely lipid-deficient skin.

Scientific tests have proven the effectiveness of Deep Moist Depot: The moisture-retaining effect is evident even when the product is no longer used.





註冊#0258558高科技長效保濕去斑精華,經1997年9月革新改良的榮譽全球暢銷皇牌產品,補濕,去斑,防色素精華極品,功效長達24小時,深層補充養份,平衡面部水/油脂,促進代謝功能,強化細胞,瞬息補濕鎖濕,此強化革新配方令效果更持久,肌膚更艷麗! 是茜素斯全球永遠的皇級精華產品

滋潤度 ­↑50%   88%細紋及皺紋減少
更光澤神采 ↑­98%
適用皮膚: 各類型皮膚
功效:     補濕、去斑護膚極品,功效長達24小時,直接補充養分、平衡面部水份及油脂、促進新陳代謝、強化細胞、減少色素和防止色素加深、瞬息補濕、鎖住水份,新配方令效果持久,肌膚更豔麗。
主要成份: 下層油溶性 (LIPID PHASE)
天然維生素A、Avocado Oil (鱷梨樹油精華)、維他命E,令乾枯的表皮回復柔軟、健康,可保護肌膚免受外來侵害,尤其「游離基」的破壞。
深海海藻精華Algae Extract、維他命原B5、玻璃酸鈉、植物醋酸纖維及世界聞明環保地區巴登-巴登具醫療作用的豐富礦物質等。
使用方法: 早、晚清潔爽膚後,用少許均勻抹在臉部(可以搽眼,


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